Why Kinjore Tours?


Kinjore is a company with its own unique authenticity and style of services.  Kinjore offers programme according to each and every visitor.  Kinjore makes sure that one has not just enjoyed Bhutan for many different reasons, be it for its landscape and clean environment, be it for its unique culture, friendly people, Great and Good looking leaders, or the land of Gross National Happiness etc. but this visitor becomes a part of the family of Kinjore company.  We keep more to be explored and found out by You, yourself as you explore the country with Kinjore. 
In addition to our sample programmes, most of the time we tailor make our programmes as per the guests wishes or what we feel best suits our guest.   With Kinjore, you will not only have seen the Land of Thunder Dragon, the Last Shangrila, Closer to Heaven or Land of Happiness, etc. etc. you name it but you will also have become part of our family or would have learnt to laugh and smile like a Bhutanese.
 Please come visit Bhutan and give us the opportunity to offer our personal authentic services. 

Thank you,

Rinchyan Dolmma
Proprietress, Kinjore Tours
email : rinchyan2012@gmail.com