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Wherever you go in Bhutan, the chances are that you will be travelling in a sub-tropical zone at one moment and on high passes over treeline in the next hour. This is because Bhutan's altitude ranges from 200 to 7500 metres above sea level. As a result of the huge altitudinal range, Bhutan's forests and climate vary from sub-tropical to the artic, all within 100 km of North-South distance. Its high eco-floristic diversity consists of more than 7000 known species of plants, 770 birds species and 200 species of mammals. It is a country where man has lived in harmony with nature, and human settlements seem like small specks in an ocean of dense and diverse vegetation. And it is also a place where attitude to wild life even when some of those which destroy crops like wild boards, bears, monkeys and deer – is not yet adversarial. When farmers find these depredators eating their crops before people do, they shout them out of fields instead of threatening them with weapons!

Bhutan is also an uncommon country in that its development creed is not economic growth but Gross National Happiness. The country's monarch, His Majesty the King, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck , is a reknown internationally not only for his pro-democratic reforms, but also for his government's public policies based on Gross National Happiness. His Majesty's coronation was held in November 2008. He is the youngest, and perhaps the most dashing, monarch in the world today. Accordingly, the Bhutanese government promotes happiness as the main objective of development and preserves a slow and attentive life style that sustains peace and contentment.

Bhutan is an exceptional country in many ways. It has always been independent, never colonised, inspite of being small, with around 600,000 people. Yet it is surrounded by two most populous neighbours – India and China. Buddhism has enjoyed an uninterrupted history in Bhutan since the 8th century. The architecture and arts of the country are a reflection of this continuity. Its rugged and dramatic landscape is dotted with thousands of pilgrim sites related to tantric Buddhist personages. Come and visit a country where bureaucrats work in commanding medieval fortresses alongside monks residing in them. Watch annual celebrations and performances in majestic stone-paved courtyards of the fortresses that draw local public in their fineries. Visit handsome traditional village houses that you will hardly expect ordinary farmers to own.

KINJORE TOURS offers exclusive services throughout the country in a wide range of products, from nature to culture tourisms. Our company caters to growing scientific, cultural, trekking and other leisure interests in Bhutan.

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